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A team of researchers at University College London are currently carrying out an expert-focused Delphi study on innovative qualitative research methods used alongside randomised controlled trials (RCTs). This study is part of a project funded by the Wellcome Trust and Academy of Medical Sciences to improve the use of qualitative methods in RCTs of complex health interventions.

If you are working on innovative qualitative methods within RCTs (those that go beyond interviews, focus groups and observations such as participatory, arts-based or online methods), and would be interested in participating, the research team would like to hear from you!

What would it involve?

The first stage of the Delphi would involve a 30-40 minute interview with the research team by phone/ Skype (ideally before February 23rd) followed by two 15-minute online surveys to build consensus on the innovative qualitative methods that are most useful in evaluating complex health interventions. Participants in the Delphi, would also be offered the opportunity to contribute to the final paper as a co-author in the writing process.

Contact details   

Katy Davis
Research Assistant
Innovative Qualitative Methods in RCTs Project
Institute for Global Health
University College London
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7905 2626