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Dr Bláthín Casey and Prof Seán Dinneen delivered a QUESTS webinar on “Supporting patient-public involvement (PPI) contributors in the use of qualitative methodology: An example from the D1 Now intervention” on 28 November 2018.

During the webinar, Prof Dinneen provided background to the ‘D1 Now’ intervention which aims to improve outcomes among young adults (18-25 years) living with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D). The intervention adopts a patient centred approach and includes a patient-public involvement group, namely, the D1 Now young adult panel (YAP). Dr Casey then described the involvement of the YAP in the modelling and refining of the D1 Now intervention components: 1) a support worker, 2) an interactive self-management/motivational tool and 3) an agenda setting consultation tool. Three iterative rounds of testing have been completed to refine the intervention package. These rounds included qualitative research methods, namely focus groups and individual interviews. The YAP were trained by QUESTS and assisted in data collection and data analysis of this recent work.

Dr Bláthín Casey is a Post-Doctoral researcher with the Health Behaviour Change Research Group (HBCRG) at NUI Galway and Project Manager of the D1 Now Study.

Prof Seán Dinneen is a Senior Lecturer in Medicine (NUI Galway), Consultant Endocrinologist (Galway University Hospitals), and National Lead for the Diabetes Clinical Programme of the Irish Health Service Executive. He is PI of the Health Research Board funded study, ‘D1 Now’ and is also PI of the PPI Ignite Programme at NUI Galway.


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