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Dr Cecilia Vindrola-Padros delivered a webinar, titled Rapid qualitative research: Current challenges and implications for qualitative research in clinical trials


Webinar Summary/Outline:

The webinar included a brief overview of the field of rapid qualitative research, including commonly used approaches, and the benefits and limitations of using rapid qualitative research in healthcare contexts.

Cecilia drew from examples of recent studies within a trial (SWATs) implemented by the Rapid Research Evaluation and Appraisal Lab (RREAL) to reflect on the methodological approaches that have worked well and future areas of development.

About the presenter:

Cecilia Vindrola-Padros is a medical anthropologist interested in applied health research and the development of rapid approaches to research. She works across five interdisciplinary teams, applying anthropological theories and methods to study and improve healthcare delivery in the UK and abroad. She has written extensively on the use of rapid qualitative research and currently Co-Directs the Rapid Research Evaluation and Appraisal Lab (RREAL) with Dr Ginger Johnson. Cecilia works as a Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Targeted Intervention, UCL and as a Social Scientist at the NIAA Health Services Research Centre (HSRC), Royal College of Anaesthetists (RCoA). She is the past director of the Qualitative Health Research Network (QHRN) and a Fellow of the Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA).