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Dr Pat Bazeley delivered the fourth QUESTS webinar, titled “A mixed methods way of thinking about and doing research”, on 30th January 2017. Record numbers participated in the webinar showing the depth of interest in mixed methods, nationally and internationally.

Any phenomenon we study intrinsically has both quality and quantity, but in research we often separate these two aspects. A mixed methods way of thinking and doing research attempts to retain and regain a more holistic perspective by holding these two aspects together through all stages of the research. Focusing on her purpose and questions, the mixed methods researcher will deliberately engage with multiple perspectives on the subject, judging available data by their relevance rather than their form. And, having integrated various sources through the analysis process, she will integrate her writing to present a whole rather than a collection of parts.

Dr Pat Bazeley has worked in community development, project consulting and in academic research development. She helps researchers to make sense of their data, working independently and as an Associate Professor at UNSW, Sydney. She has published extensively on strategies for qualitative and mixed methods analysis. Pat is a member of the QUESTS Steering Group.

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Next webinar

Our next webinar will be delivered by Prof Alex Clark, University of Alberta, on Monday 6th March from 4-5pm (GMT). Further details to follow.

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