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Marita Hennessy and Dr Catherine Houghton recently secured funding through the HRB-TMRN Training Funding Scheme to host a workshop on using documents as data within the development and evaluation of complex interventions.

This one-day workshop, to be held in January 2019, will be facilitated by Dr Aimee Grant, Centre for Trials Research, Cardiff University. Dr Grant is co-founder and chair of the Document Research Network and author of “Doing Excellent Social Research with Documents”.

The use of documents in trials is under-explored, but has a range of uses/benefits. Documentary analysis can be used within trials to assess usual practice to develop interventions, fidelity to protocols, and intervention acceptability. Training in documentary analysis, and specifically to trials research, is currently lacking – in Ireland and the UK. This workshop will help address the knowledge gaps in trial methodology by providing participants with theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in conducting research with documents.

Further details of the workshop will be announced over the coming months.