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Dr David O’Riordan, Senior Pharmacovigilance Officer within the HRB-Clinical Research Facility Cork, is conducting a research study to investigate the knowledge, attitudes and practices of healthcare professionals, researchers and others with experience of clinical trials in Ireland towards pharmacovigilance and adverse drug reaction (ADR) reporting. This work is being carried out with the support from the Clinical Research Facility, University College Cork.

David is currently seeking survey participants. The online questionnaire is straightforward and should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete. Later this year, semi-structured interviews and focus groups will be carried out. The purpose of the qualitative study is to obtain a deeper understanding of the responses from the questionnaire. You will be given an option at the end of the questionnaire to opt-in to this second part of the study. There is no obligation to do so.

It is hoped that the study findings will help to inform future research and training needs in relation to pharmacovigilance and ADR reporting in clinical trials in Ireland.

Your participation in the study would be invaluable and greatly appreciated. For more information on the study and what is involved please click on the following link: