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A key aim of QUESTS is to support trialists by offering advice and guidance on how best to enhance research through the inclusion of qualitative methodology in the design and conduct of trials.

At QUESTS, we have independent Qualitative Research Advisors on hand to assist and advise trialists on how best to integrate qualitative components at all stages of a trial, including:

  • in preparation for trials
  • undertaking feasibility studies
  • informing development of interventions
  • evaluating trial findings
  • identifying recruitment issues.

Our Qualitative Research Advisors have extensive experience, and have published, in key areas of qualitative methodology and research design. Becoming a Qualitative Researcher Advisor, registered with QUESTS, means we can contact you with potential opportunities such as:

  • Becoming a co-applicant/collaborator on funded trials/intervention research
  • Conducting primary trial methodology research using qualitative approaches
  • Delivering workshops/webinars on qualitative research in trials or qualitative methodologies.

QUESTS is embedded within the HRB-TMRN and any opportunities presented to the HRB-TMRN will be directed to QUESTS so we can make valuable connections between trialists and qualitative researchers.

How to become a QUESTS Qualitative Research Advisor

QUESTS Qualitative Research Advisors need to have substantial experience in qualitative research methodology and be able to provide the necessary support and training provided by QUESTS. If you have experience and capacity to become a Qualitative Research Advisor, please register your interest via C-TED. We will then ask you to send in a copy of your curriculum vitae so that we can further identify what opportunities might best suit your expertise.