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QUESTS is very excited to hear about a new book written by one of our research advisors, Dr Aimee Grant. Aimee is a qualitative researcher at the Centre for Trials Research, Cardiff University. She undertakes research on health, pregnancy and motherhood, drawing on a range of disciplinary fields including critical public health, sociology, human geography and cultural studies.

The book, Doing Excellent Social Research with Documents, is a much-needed text book for researchers interested in using documents as data.

In today’s society we increasingly create and consume written content and images. This includes a range of sources, from social media posts to records held within organisations, and everything in between, including news articles, blogs, shopping lists and official government documents. Critically reading these ‘documents’ can help us to understand a huge amount about society. Doing Excellent Social Research with Documents includes guidance on how to ‘read between the lines’, and provides an overview of six research projects which use documents as data.

This exciting new book is available for pre-order through Routledge and will be published in a few months. We will keep you posted on that date.