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Dr Heather Ames delivered a QUESTS webinar on “Applying GRADE-CERQual to Qualitative Evidence Synthesis”, on Thursday 06 December 2018.

Qualitative Evidence Synthesis (QES) can contribute significantly to trials. Increasingly qualitative evidence syntheses (or systematic reviews of qualitative studies) are being conducted to bring together findings from individual qualitative studies. The Confidence in the Evidence from Reviews of Qualitative research (GRADE-CERQual) approach is an innovative method for assessing how much confidence to place in the findings of such syntheses and aims to help the translation of findings into policy and practice.

During the webinar, Heather gave a short introduction and explanation of GRADE CERQual. She then discussed how GRADE CERQual was developed, when to use the approach and the four components applied when assessing the confidence in a finding from a QES. For more information about GRADE-CERQual please visit

Dr Heather Ames currently works at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health with knowledge summary. Her PhD focused on communication about childhood vaccination and included conducting a qualitative evidence synthesis (QES) on parental preferences and experiences surrounding communication for childhood vaccination. As a part of her PhD project she began working on the methodological challenges involved in conducting reviews of qualitative evidence including sampling of included studies, matrix synthesis of findings from reviews of effect and QES and the use of GRADE CERQual. This methodological focus continues to be a large part of her current work with QES.

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