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Congratulations to our Education Working Group member, Dr Rena Lyons, and colleague Prof Sue Roulstone, on winning the Inaugural International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology Editor’s Award, which was announced at the recent Speech Pathology Australia Conference!

Rena and Sue received the award for their paper: “Labels, identity and narratives in children with primary speech and language impairments”. The paper presents storied accounts of everyday experiences of children aged 9–12 years with primary speech and language impairments, and involved fifty-nine semi-structured interviews with eleven children.

Rena and Sue also recently co-authored “Well-Being and Resilience in Children with Speech and Language Disorders”, published in the Journal of Speech, Language and Hearing Research. This paper was selected by the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) as the feature paper for Research Tuesday. ASHA made the paper freely available for two weeks.

Dr Rena Lyons is a Senior Lecturer in Speech and Language Therapy in the School of Health Sciences at NUI Galway. Her research interests are in the areas of: qualitative research; listening to the perspectives of service users; evidence-based practice; identity construction; children’s perspectives; and socio-cultural aspects of communication disorders.