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The Health Research Board (HRB) opened its Emerging Investigator Awards (EIA) 2019 call on May 28th. The EIA scheme “supports talented individuals who can make a valuable contribution to knowledge in health research and who are capable of becoming independent and self-directed investigators”.

The QUESTS team is eager to collaborate with researchers interested in applying for this award to include/maximise the use of qualitative research in their proposal.

Benefits of integrating a qualitative research question within your application

  • Provide invaluable insight in to recruitment issues
  • Insights that can inform the development of an intervention
  • Provide a voice for participants, recruiters, stakeholders – makes trials sensitive to “human beings”
  • Provide crucial “real world evidence”
  • Increase cost effectiveness

(DeSalis et al. 2008, Plano Clarke et al. 2013, Rapport et al. 2013, Cooper et al. 2014, O’Cathain et al. 2014)

How QUESTS can help

“Lead Applicants must demonstrate clearly that the level, expertise and experience of proposed research personnel matches the ambition and scale of the project proposed and that they possess the necessary breadth and skills in all methodological areas required to deliver the proposed programme of work. Alignment between personnel requested and the proposed project should be given strong consideration. Reviewers will thoroughly assess the level of baseline experience matched with the supervisory and upskilling arrangements proposed in scoring the proposal.”

Our qualitative research advisors offer researchers/trialists support for the inclusion of qualitative research in all stages of the design and conduct of trials. They have extensive experience in applying bespoke, targeted qualitative research approaches that can be integrated within trials and SWATS (Studies Within a Trial). Examples of projects that we are involved in be viewed here.

QUESTS can support your application either as a Co-applicant or Collaborator. Our level of support can vary depending on your needs. Please contact us so that we can discuss how we might be able to contribute in a meaningful way.

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