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The mission of QUESTS, Qualitative Research in Trials Centre, is to maximise the value of qualitative research in trials.

This is achieved through a focus on three activities relating to inclusion of high quality qualitative research in trials (i) SUPPORT for undertaking qualitative research with trials (ii) TRAINING and education on the use of qualitative research and trials and (iii) Primary methodology RESEARCH on the use of qualitative research and trials.

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A key aim of QUESTS is to support trialists by offering advice and guidance on how best to enhance research through the inclusion of qualitative research in the design and conduct of trials. QUESTS qualitative research advisors need to have substantial experience in qualitative research methodology and be able to provide the necessary support and training provided by QUESTS. If you have the experience and capacity to become an advisor please apply via C-TED. Each application will be reviewed by the steering group based on eligibility criteria.


Our qualitative research advisors offer trialists support for the inclusion of qualitative research in all stages of the design and conduct of trials. QUESTS qualitative research advisors have extensive experience in applying bespoke, targeted qualitative research approaches across bids. These include bids and research in preparation for trials, the development of trial bids, undertaking feasibility studies, development of interventions, design of definitive interventions and evaluation of trial findings.


We increase awareness of the value of qualitative research in trials through training and education on high quality research methodologies that can be integrated in to trials. Our audience includes trialists; qualitative researchers wishing to gain experience within trials; and public and patients groups who are involved in conducting trials.


There needs to be greater evidence supporting the use of qualitative methodology in trials. QUESTS contributors have considerable experience in qualitative research methodologies. They have published extensively on the theory and conduct of a range of qualitative methodologies: Case Study Research, Ethnography, Grounded Theory, Phenomenology, Qualitative Evidence Synthesis.

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